Dragons Love Tacos Mini Stuffed Doll Set

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A FANTASTIC ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY Paleontologists are always working hard to learn everything they can about the ancient past and figure out which dinosaurs were running around the world and exactly what they enjoyed doing.  Where did they live?  What did they eat? But, when a few discovered that dragons had been real, the world nearly flipped out!  What a tremendous revelation!?  Who would have thought they hadn't yet found the biggest surprise of all, though?  Not that they fly.  Who cares about fire-breathing?  No!  Even bigger.FUN DETAILSLearn about how much dragons love tacos when you look into the happy faces of the set of these Dragons Love Tacos Mini Stuffed Dolls.  A trio of unique blue, yellow, and red dragons will make perfect friends thanks to their dorky stitched smiles and huggable bodies.  Naturally, the most surprising part is just how much they love their tacos.  They'll make great bedtime guardians so long as you don't try to steal their spicy treasures. THE DRAGON HOARD'S GREATEST TREASUREDragons tend to keep all their wealth hidden in a place that they can snuggle up with it.  Bright, shining emerald green lettuce.  Crisp, golden shells.  Who knew that dragons weren't trying to collect gems and coins but were just super excited about a late night taco trip?  We're sure these Taco-Loving Dragon Stuffed Dolls will fit in perfectly with your own hoard!