Silikomart Silicone Bakeware Half Egg 4.4 Oz, 4.01" X 2.87" X 1.42" High, 5 Cavities

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  Silikomart Silicone Half Egg Baking Mold, 5 Cavities    Flexible silicone bakeware from Silikomart produces perfectly shaped cakes, chocolates, pastries and more

Flexible bakeware is easy to clean and maintain

Little or no grease needed, even for extra-sticky foods

Made of high quality food-safe liquid silicone, these pans have a natural non-stick finish which releases even the stickiest foods with ease

Ounce capacity Temperature resistant, food-safe silicone molds are suitable for oven, freezer, and microwave usetemperatures ranging from -58 deg F for freezing to 482 deg F for baking nbsp degrees

Pliable, and durable, these pans easily bend, fold, and roll up to fit into any cupboard or drawer, and will always bounce back to their original shape. nbsp Silikomart Silicone Half-Egg Baking Mold features five egg-shaped cavities, each measuring 4.01 inches by 2.87 inches, standing 1.42 inches tall, with a 4.4

Silikomart products are made from durable and safe liquid silicone, resulting in a flexible non-stick pan that is virtually unbreakable, and will never crack, crease, or lose its original shape

This Silicone Half-Egg shaped Baking Mold from Silikomart is perfect for making egg shaped Easter treats

You can also view our silicone non-stick baking mat, the Silpat, which is used on baking pans instead of parchment paper.

And dishwasher safe